Meet the Team

Eddie Mulligan

Owner & Managing Director

Location: Christchurch.

Favourite Pastimes: Playing with anything that uses petrol. Watching Motorsports and Travel.

Favourite Food: Most Asian dishes.

Favourite Drink: A good full bodied Shiraz.

What are you passionate about at Aerofast:

Producing Excellent quality tiedowns that last for years!

Chris Hay

Business Manager

Location: Christchurch.

Favourite Pastimes: Mountain Biking, Skiing, Cricket, DIY Projects

Favourite Food: Vicki's scones!

Favourite Drink: Heineken or Coke

What are you passionate about at Aerofast:

Being a NZ Manufacturer of a market leading product.

Angus Mulligan

Marketing Executive

Location: South Island

Favourite Pastimes: Going for a walk on the beach with the company dog Aero, or anything to do with rugby whether it be coaching, playing or reffing.

Favourite Food: Good Sunday roast with duck fat potatoes.

Favourite Drink: Apple martini shaken.

What are you passionate about at Aerofast:

Working alongside a experienced management team that strive to provide market leading products and services.

Mike Bell

Sales Manager

Location: South Island.

Favourite Pastimes: Watching sport

Favourite Food: Steak

Favourite Drink: Speights

What are you passionate about at Aerofast:

A firm belief that AEROFAST has an unparalleled product and service to match.

Ash Razmi

Sales Manager

Location: Auckland & Upper North Island.

Favourite Pastimes: Any form of Motorsport, spearfishing, playing and watching football.

Favourite Food: Anything ethnic and unusual.

Favourite Drink: Monteiths Summer Ale.

What are you passionate about at Aerofast:

Market Leader making high quality that we back up here in NZ.

Keith Monaghan

Sales Manager

Location: Lower North Island

Favourite Pastimes: Watching rugby, fishing, heading down to the gym, golf (not too good at that one), spending time with grandchildren.

Favourite Food: Thai, Italian and the big kiwi cooked breakfast.

Favourite Drink: Tui, Jack Daniels and Coke, nice South Island Riesling

What are you passionate about at Aerofast:

AEROFAST is a company that knows where it is going and how to get there. The product we manufacture is of such high quality and made in New Zealand, in my mind that is a bonus.

Callum Mulligan

Sales Support Analyst & Office Administration

Location: South Island

Favourite Pastimes: Throwing the oval ball around with mates & spending quality time with family & friends.

Favourite Food: Scrambled eggs & bacon with a touch of t-sauce, or a good old curry in the midst of winter!

Favourite Drink: Large pint of Guiness.

What are you passionate about at Aerofast:

Manufacturing market leading products & working with a team who are aroused by providing exceptional service!

Aero the Dog

Chief Morale Booster

Location: Aerofast Factory, Christchurch.

Favourite Pastimes: Running on the beach followed closely by sleeping

Favourite Food: I am a Lab, anything will do!

Favourite Drink: You can't beat NZ's clean fresh water.

What are you passionate about at Aerofast:

I just love the people. Everyone will stop and give me a rub.