Meet the Team

Nick Korstanje

Sales Manager

Location: South Island

Favourite Pastimes: Golfing & spending time with friends and family.

Favourite Food: Bread, Pizza & Burgers

Favourite Drink: Ice cold Lemonade

What are you passionate about at Aerofast: <p>Being part of a New Zealand business making good quality products IN NEW ZEALAND!</p>

Ben White

Sales Manager

Location: Auckland & Upper North Island.

Favourite Pastimes: Spending time with my family, anything to do with sport, camping and hiking.

Favourite Food: I’m a sucker for Pizza, bacon and nearly anything with Smokey bbq sauce.

Favourite Drink: Enjoy a good Pinot Gris.

What are you passionate about at Aerofast: <p>Working with an awesome bunch of people and supplying our customers with some of the best products in the world!</p>

Mark White

Sales Manager

Location: Lower North Island

Favourite Pastimes: Watching rugby, fishing, heading down to the gym, golf (not too good at that one), spending time with grandchildren.

Favourite Food: Thai, Italian and the big kiwi cooked breakfast.

Favourite Drink: Tui, Jack Daniels and Coke, nice South Island Riesling

What are you passionate about at Aerofast: <p>AEROFAST is a company that knows where it is going and how to get there. The product we manufacture is of such high quality and made in New Zealand, in my mind that is a bonus.</p>