Camlock Tiedown

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Light duty general purpose camlock strap. Ideal for soft loads such as garden rubbish or delicate loads such as furniture or glass. Easy to control the tension on the load & minimises risk of over-tightening.

Product Use: DIY/Handyman

Break Strength: 350kg

Length: 4m

Width: 25mm

Tensioner: Cambuckle

Attachment: S-Hook

Material: Polypropylene Webbing

  • NZ Made

    NZ Made

    Custom woven in NZ for over 30 years to ensure high quality standards are met.

  • UV Resistant

    UV Resistant

    UV Stabilized yarn designed for NZ and Ausualias harsh weather conditions.

  • Water Repellant

    Water Repellant

    Ensures the webbing won't stretch or lose strength even when wet.

  • Durable


    Each component is tough tested to ensure they will last the test of time

  • Safety Standards

    Safety Standards

    Conforms to Australia and New Zealand's strict safety standard AS/NZS 4380:2001

  • Custom Specs

    Custom Specs

    Webbing length, hooks & tensioners can easily be changed to suit your requirements.

  • Name Woven

    Name Woven

    Have your companys name permanently woven into the webbing at no extra cost