Fat Strap Multi Pack

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Good quality bungee straps for securing light loads. Wide straps help keep the strap in place and it won’t roll over onto your load.  Plastic Coated Steel Hooks are safer than traditional bungees.   Ten general purpose bungee straps with O-rings for increased flexibility.  Pack contains 2 x 30cm, 2 x 50cm, 2 x 70cm, 2 x 90cm, 2 x 125cm, 2 x O-rings.

Product Use: DIY/Handyman

Break Strength: kg

Length: m

Width: 25mm

Tensioner: Elasticated Bungee

Attachment: S-Hook

Material: Bungee Cord

  • Water Repellant

    Water Repellant

    Ensures the webbing won't stretch or lose strength even when wet.

  • Durable


    Each component is tough tested to ensure they will last the test of time