Plastic Camlock Roof Rack

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General purpose straps for securing light loads to roof racks, trailers or for bundling and securing items together. Revolutionary Strong and Durable Glass Filled Nylon Camlock which reduces the chances of damage to vehicle paint-work or your precious load. Handy range of lengths – 1m, 2m or 3m.  Extra wide opening on camlock makes feeding webbing through easy.

Product Use: DIY/Handyman

Break Strength: 200kg

Length: 3m

Width: 25mm

Tensioner: Cambuckle

Attachment: Endless

Material: Polypropylene Webbing

  • NZ Made

    NZ Made

    Custom woven in NZ for over 30 years to ensure high quality standards are met.

  • UV Resistant

    UV Resistant

    UV Stabilized yarn designed for NZ and Ausualias harsh weather conditions.

  • Water Repellant

    Water Repellant

    Ensures the webbing won't stretch or lose strength even when wet.

  • Durable


    Each component is tough tested to ensure they will last the test of time

  • Safety Standards

    Safety Standards

    Conforms to Australia and New Zealand's strict safety standard AS/NZS 4380:2001

  • Custom Specs

    Custom Specs

    Webbing length, hooks & tensioners can easily be changed to suit your requirements.

  • Name Woven

    Name Woven

    Have your companys name permanently woven into the webbing at no extra cost